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Blake Gossard

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I Work Harder so You Get the Best Deal!

Hi! I’m Blake, and I’m ready to give you the red-carpet experience whether you’re selling or buying a home in Plantation, Florida! Call me today at 561-779-9255 if you want a truly epic home-selling or home-buying experience. I’ll always put your interests first and work harder to get you the best deal!

I Max-Out My Marketing Budget on Every Home I Sell!

Lots of people selling homes in Plantation, Florida don’t realize that the real estate agent they’re working with pays for all the marketing right out of his or her commission. Most agents are stingy with their commission money and won’t spring for the high-end luxury marketing strategy for every property they sell. But I do. Sell your home with me and I’ll give you all the extra marketing perks! I spend extra money marketing my clients’ homes because my brand is go big or go home! Everyone selling homes in Plantation, Florida knows Blake Gossard spares no expense to get the deal done for top-dollar!

Plantation is My Home, Too!

I live in Plantation with my beautiful wife, Crystal and our two wonderful kids, Kaylyn and Roland. This is my community, too. I love Plantation, and I want to help you have a wonderful real estate experience here. Give me a call if you’re thinking about selling your home, or if you just want to get together and talk local business: 561-779-9255.

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